Blue Whale Challenge Game FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Questions and Answers about Blue Whale Game

Here is list of Questions that are stricken in every person’s mind when they think of Blue Whale Game

This post will clear all the doubts about Blue Whale Challenge Game

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1. Is Blue Whale Challenge a Real Game?
You will find that more than 250+ teenagers committed suicide because of this suicide game (According to News Sites). So you can’t say that Blue Whale Game is not Real.

2. Is Blue Whale Challenge Game Banned?
Yes, This game is banned after many teenagers committed Suicide in Russia due to this game.
Even Mr Phillip, the creator of this game is in police custody along with his team members.
But some people who are already playing Blue Whale Challenge Game are inviting others to play the same via Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Whatsapp and various internet forums (Be careful stay away from them).

3. What is the purpose of  Blue Whale Challenge Game?
As per the creator (Philip) the purpose of Blue Whale Game is to kill the weak people of the society and make society stronger with them. (He was mad, this type thinking is totally wrong).

4. How to Download Blue Whale Challenge APK File?
This game is banned all over the world and it is strictly not allowed to share this game (The file which we are providing here is not suicidal or real blue whale game it’s just a craziness)

5. Can I attack the Blue Whale Challenge?
I think the best way to attack the challenge of the Blue Whale Game is to promote exactly the opposite of the goal of this “game”. Something that begins and creates a positivity and that activates our mind to become a success. So check out the Blue Whale version that everyone should play check here.

6. Is the Blue Whale challenge in the Play store?
No, you will not find Blue Whale Challenge Game on Play store. Even external links of this game are completely removed from the Internet.

7. What is the psychology behind blue whale game?
Blue whale game was created by Phillipp Budeikin age 21. He himself was suffering from a mental disorder like bipolar. According to him, his victims were just ‘bilogical waste’ and ‘happy to die’.He was cleansing the society because they were not useful for society. (His thinking was totally wrong)

8. Is there a Hollywood movie about the Blue Whale Challenge Game?
I found 2 movies in Hollywood which is somewhat similar to this game,

  1. Blue Whale F57
  2. Jumanji
  3. Nerve

9. Is the “Blue Whale Challenge” more precious than your life?
Without life there is Nothing! Always remember you live only once, so live it in your way, not others.

10. What are other names for ‘Blue Whale Game’?
This game is also called as ‘The Shocking Game – (“Синий Кит”)’, ‘Siniy Kit (“ A Blue Whale ”,” Синий Кит “)’, ‘Tikhiy Dom (“ A Quiet House/A Silent House ”, ” Тихий Дом “,” #Тихийдом “)’, ‘More Kitov (“ A Sea/A Bunch Of Whales ”,” Море Китов “,” #Морекитов “)’, ‘F53, F57, F58 And Razbudi Menya V 4:20 (“ Wake Me Up 4.20 Am ”,” Разбуди Меня В 420 “,” #Разбудименяв420 “)’, ‘Blue Whale Task’, ‘Blue Whale Suicide Game’, ‘Blue Whale Suicide Squad’ & ‘Blue Whale Killing Game’

11. What is #53 #F57 and #58
F53 F57 and F58 is part of the first stage of the Blue Whale Challenge. The Blue Whale Challenge is a suicide game that started in Eastern Europe where the player, usually a teenager, follows a series of steps that end up leading to their lives.

12. How to quit Blue Whale Challenge?
Exactly the same way that stops being trapped or daring by blows in a game of cricket
If you feel that things are going wrong and you have to go back, you do not have to think about leaving … you want it and it depends on you soon … the longer you wait, the more dangerous you are going to get into it.
So leave it as soon as possible and always stay happy. never fall into anyone’s words … have your own words and live safely

Note: we are not promoting or motivating anyone to play this game, in fact, we have Blue Whale 50 Days Challenge (Fun Game) which is full of craziness in which person need not do Suicide or harm him self in any way, this is just for fun purpose. Download Blue Whale 50 Days Challenge Fun Game (Game full of craziness) which allow you to enjoy your life instead of killing your self.

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