Blue Whale F57 : Short Film on Blue Whale Challenge Based on True Events

Watch Short Film Based on Blue Whale Challenge Game (Suicide Game)

Blue Whale F57 Movie Info:

Director: Dardan Kolicaj
Writer: Dardan Kolicaj
Producer: Dardan Kolicaj
Ram Saandal
Film Editing:
Dardan Kolicaj
Stars: Elaine Andrews, Alice Dymova, Jonathan Hubbard and Dardan Kolicaj

A dark story inspired by true events, everything started in 2017 in Russia where a guy created a suicide group called F57 and then Blue Whale. More than 300 people aged between 12-16 died all over the world as the result of playing this game.

Blue Whale F57 Cast:

Elaine Andrews Elaine Andrews
Leon’s Mother
Alice Dymova Alice Dymova
Jonathan Hubbard Jonathan Hubbard
Real Leon
Dardan Kolicaj Dardan Kolicaj

Blue Whale F57 Location:

London, England, UK

Blue Whale F57 Release Date:

28 July 2017

Short Film on the blue whale challenge based on true events. Filmed in London, the UK the challenge for this movie was to film all the project in one room in 12hours time. This incredible drama started for real in Russia and then became a “famous” challenge all over Europe and South/North America. Please do not try to reproduce any of the scenes at home as you might get hurt. If under 16, watch this short movie with the presence of an adult. Credits are shown at the end of the video.

Watch Blue Whale F57 Short Movie Here:

Note: This video is just a Short Film about Blue Whale Challenge Game . Don’t try such things or don’t even think of doing these things. Think of your Family, Friends and Loved ones how they will feel if you die and just because of such stupid game. Remeber you live only once so live your life fully by our own rules don’t follow such disgusting games in life.

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