Check If Your Kid is Playing The Blue Whale Challenge Game

Worried about your child for Blue Whale Challenge Game? Here are signs to look out for

Based on the notion that whales sometimes struggle to die, the Blue Whale Game is a grotesque “game” that is gaining popularity among young and vulnerable people. Victims receive assignments for a period of 50 days by their managers or “healers” and are invited to submit images or videos as evidence. Victims are often unable to leave the “game” in the middle because they are blackmailed or threatened with disastrous consequences.

While relaxing the insecurities of your child or friend and talking about depression and then dealing with it is paramount, here are some things you can monitor:

Although the task list differs from one person to another, some of them follow a pattern:

1. Does your child wake up at odd hours of the night and watch a movie on TV or on the computer? Victims are often invited to wake up late at night at 3 am or 4:20 am and are asked to watch horror movies and psychedelic videos.

2. Pay attention to cuts or clamps on the bodies of your loved ones or those you know of. Victims are often forced or forced to cut and prune “f57” or a blue whale on their arms or legs. The position of the sculptures may vary.

3. Check if your child is in bed all night and make sure they do not get in the middle of the night. Victims are known to go to the roof (higher, better) usually before dawn and have asked to climb cranes and sit on bridges and roofs with their legs dangling.

4. The victim should also listen to the music that the healer sends them. This can be difficult to understand, since your friend’s or boy’s musical tastes may simply have changed and, therefore, only ask them if they play the “game”, really can not see this as a signal, but you can still keep an eye to check your expression and your mood while listening to the song.

5. Beware of sudden behavioural changes, if your child suddenly becomes lonely or restricted, should be suspicious,

6. Pay attention to a long online presence at odd times of the day.

7. Attach with loved ones, it is almost impossible to get into a strange behaviour if you have no idea of their “normal” behaviour.

8. If it is important to allow children to have their own space, if parents feel that their children have been victimized, they should immediately monitor the presence of their children’s social media. While we do not encourage spying or listening to a person, it may end up saving someone’s life.

Share this with every parent so that children will no longer die due to this stupid game called ‘Blue Whale Challenge

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