5 Death Games like Blue Whale Challenge (Suicide Game)

List of 5 Other Game Like Blue Whale Challenge that can lead you to Death

Here is a list of that are almost like Blue Whale Challenge which ends up taking a life of someone.

The Choking Challenge

This challenge gained popularity among teenagers who began choking themselves to get high. The players believe that cutting off oxygen to the brain can result in temporary “euphoria”. They hope to stop just in time. The game is estimated to have claimed 250 to 1,000 lives every year in the US.

The Ghost Pepper Challenge

These peppers, also called bhut jolokia, are the hottest in the world. Teens stick the pepper in their mouths and record their reactions. This leads to excruciating pain in the mouth, but some people also get worse reactions. It can cause nausea, gagging and a trip to the hospital.

Ice & Salt Challenge

The game involves pouring salt on the body, followed by immediately placing ice over it. The action causes a burning sensation. The idea is to bear the pain for the longest time. The ice, water and salt mixture is potentially lethal and can cause second- and third-degree burns, similar to frostbite.

Car Surfing Challenge

In this challenge, a teen “surfs” on the roof, bumper or hood of a car. It involves riding in a sofa, skateboard, sledge or any other object hitched or tied to a moving vehicle. Deaths were caused by head trauma in most cases.

The Cinnamon Challenge

This challenge requires teens to swallow a spoonful or more of cinnamon without drinking any water. The challenge can cause respiratory and throat issues or lead to collapsed lungs and choke. There have been reported deaths from this challenge.

Note: Stay away from such games which take away the life of people. Games are only for entertainment purpose, don’t play such suicidal games.

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