Pink Whale Challenge APK Download A Better, Healthier alternative to ‘The Blue Whale’

Information about Pink Whale Challenge and its Daily tasks

In the context of growing concern over the spread of the sinister game “The Blue Whale Challenge“, a new initiative called “Pink Whale” or “Pink Whale” aims to spread “love” and “happiness” to counteract the effects of the online suicide game.

Created in Brazil in April, the game has already become popular on the Internet, with more than 300,000 followers on Facebook and 45,000 on Instagram.

“The goal is to demonstrate that the Internet can also be used to spread love, so the Rose Whale was born,” says its official website,

“You have to be one of the good guys. Keep working hard at it,” wrote a social networking user. “What you’re doing is fantastic, keep following it,” wrote another on Facebook.

pink whale challenge task

Like the Blue Whale Challenge, this Brazilian game presents 7 challenges for its players, but the opposite is true. While the Blue Whale is a matter of itself, depressing messages and suicide, Pink Whale tries to promote positivity and encourage people to save lives.

The game includes common sense tasks such as “With a marker, write on someone’s skin how much you love them”, “Excuse me or forgive me – you can unlock a friend from social networks, pray that you love me in the middle of a street” and “Unexpectedly tell your parents or another relative to love them.” The ultimate challenge is to help someone/animal in need or make a gift to an organization.

“The Pink Whale” is available for free on Android and iOS.

List of Pink Whale Challenge Daily Task:

Task number 1: Write down five things you like about yourself.

Well, it said that I don’t need to send any proof or keep this as a secret, but I decided to put this online on my blog so I can share the fun!

So here it is… five things I like about myself.

  1. I can sleep wherever I am.
  2. I can cook. I can make sure I won’t die to starve. LOL.
  3. My hair is definitely a mess but it looks great anyway. Only need to keep it short.
  4. I’m pretty good handling my emotion (recently).
  5. I can actually help other people like me, and that’s a true gift.

Well, those are 5 things that I like about myself.

No. 4 & 5 is my biggest achievement so far. Because being a person with bipolar means you need to control your emotions, your mood swing. Being in control sometimes ease me from such a pain that I can’t explain but. there is other happy time even with it. So I can tell you it is not that bad. You only need to know about yourself to so you can improve and be a better you.

Task number 2: Buy yourself your favourite treat or snack. 

also, it said <You don’t need to send proof or keep this a secret> so, this is my favourite treat. 😀

It sure tastes sweet and sour. But I kinda like it.

I don’t like sweet things on daily basis but, when you feel stress-desperate-depression, sweet things can make you a little bit happy.
It helps your feeling to get better, faster.

If you had a problem or depressed, it’s better for you to talk to someone else. Don’t draw yourself from your family or friends. 
and IF YOU HAD A PROBLEM WITH YOUR FAMILY you need to seek help on community or someone that really care about you.
Sometimes stranger can give you even more sincere attention.

I’m open for discussion. I’m not an expert on anything, but I’d love to talk and help people like me.
I can’t promise to meet people in person, but I’m here like 24/7, so. feel free to email me. 🙂

Task number 3: Write down three things you’re really looking forward to. 

Don’t forget it also said <You don’t need to send proof or keep this a secret>, so I’m actually having some things that I really want to do immediately.
And those things are:

  1. Get the citizenship from “that” country.
  2. Going on vacation (free from any kind of job) for at least a week.
  3. Eat Big Mac today. 😛

I think the easiest one is no. 3
I can do it this evening after work. LOL (maybe I’ll post it later today).

Task number 4: Draw a picture of the happiest moment of your life.

I’m not pretty good at drawing and so I can say, this is what I can do so far.

And don’t forget it also said <You don’t need to send proof or keep this a secret>, so here is my drawing of the happiest moment of your life.
(it’s not really a ‘moment’ but, I can tell you the story).

When I was a kid, and I still have my mom by my side, she always tells me stories. One of them is about origami crane.
She loved to tell me various happy stories related to origami crane. Sometimes she even made it while she told me about the story.
I love ‘happy ending’ kind-of-story.

So, I think that’s the happiest moment I can remember.  😀

Oh.. and yesterday is Mother’s Day.
I would love to say happy mother’s day to all mom in the world…..!

And let’s pray for a woman struggling with infertility, miscarriage, and infant loss on this mother’s day.
Also.. happy step mom’s day. 🙂
for all who choose to help raise, support and LOVE someone else’s child.

Task number 5: Call a friend that you don’t usually call for a chat.

And don’t forget it also said <You don’t need to send proof or keep this as a secret>, but I already talk to a friend yesterday, so I just need to report it here. LOL. Nothing too private, so I can still share to you.

He is an old friend btw. He is now live in Belgium. He was moved there like 9-10 years ago. And I rarely get in touch with him except when there are certain events that unintentionally bring us together.
We chatted for about half an hour. And then he said he was going to go to work, so yeah, it was finished there.
I’m not intended to ask him about anything personal but he told me about marrying someone perfect for him, having a child, etc.
He said they even want to adopt one more child.
It’s great to know that he’s having a good life.

Task number 6: Make a friend laugh. Don’t give up until you succeed.

I don’t know if the laugh of my friend that I’ve called yesterday is counted, but… I think I succeed. lol

Task number 7: Spend 20 minutes teaching yourself how to juggle, use the internet for help if needed.

And don’t forget it also said <You don’t need to send proof or keep this as a secret>, but I’m so sorry, I’m skipping this one because I really can’t juggle. LOL. I tried but when I look at the video I’ve made, it looks awful.

I want to say that I’m pretty much enjoying all the tasks.
I really hope you too can enjoy this and having fun. 🙂

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